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CMS Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery (OAS) CAHPS Survey Reporting Service

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have introduced a new mandate for all Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the U.S. to conduct monthly surveys and report the resulting survey data to them.

More information about this new CMS requirement can be found

Per this new CMS requirement, all U.S. surgical facilities must make a good-faith effort to conduct these surveys. Failing to do so may result in a 2% reduction in the facility's annual fee schedule. Please note that there are only a limited number of Survey Vendors that CMS is allowing to conduct these surveys. Only vendors with an asterisk * next to their names are currently approved: Click here for list

In order to submit your data to these Survey Vendors, an Excel Spreadsheet with a very specific layout must be used: Requirements here  File Layout here

We are working closely with several Survey Vendors on the survey data submission process to ensure that our spreadsheet files are compatible with as many vendors as possible.

Here's a rundown of the flow of the information if you use our OAS CAHPS Desktop Program/Service:

1. You use our CAHPS Desktop Program to retrieve the list of patients seen for the month and it uploads the spreadsheet to the vendor you select via Secure-FTP.
2. Your selected Survey Vendor takes the spreadsheet and calls or emails the patients to conduct the surveys.
3. Your selected Survey Vendor submits the survey data to CMS.

Here is how Creative Data Technolgies fits into the big picture: If you need help extracting the required data each month from your EMR/EHR system to prepare the spreadsheet file and upload it securely via Secure-FTP (SFTP) to the vendor, our OAS CAHPS service can help you automate this process.

We have many years of experience exporting data from the following EMR/EHR systems:

  • AdvancedMD
  • Lytec
  • MD-Reports / Provation APEX
  • ShopWorks
  • Medi-Networx
  • Centricity
  • OpenEMR
  • NextGen
  • Greenway / Practice Analytics
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Intergy
  • HST
  • MDCare
  • Medics Elite / Medics Premier
  • gGastro
  • Nextech
  • gMed
  • Compulink

Even if your EMR/EHR system is not listed above, if your data is stored in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ProgeSQL, or even in the cloud (accessible via ODBC driver), then we can connect to the database to extract the data required for the surveys.

The following is a sample screenshot of our OAS CAHPS Desktop Program importing and validating patient survey records:

For more specific information on how the program works, the User's Manual can be found here.

OAS CAHPS Service Subscription Pricing:

The CAHPS Service Subscription costs $995 for the first year. Each year thereafter, there will be a $995 annual subscription renewal fee to cover Technical Support* and application maintenance.

To enroll in this service or obtain more information, simply call us at (850) 264-9065, or email us at

*Technical Support includes a) any File Layout changes required by CMS, and b) Installation support. Technical Support does not include fixing any errors associated with upgrades or changes to your EMR/EHR system. Any adjustments needed due to EMR/EHR changes are billable hours at a rate of $95/hour.

Custom Programming: A typical new customer may require a small amount of custom programming (usually 3 to 5 hours) as not all EMR/EHR installations require the exact same programming. You will probably need two new custom fields added for the Patient Preferred Language and Procedure Category. This custom programming is considered part of on-boarding and is performed for free.

NOTE: A HIPAA Agreement must be signed prior to subscription activation.