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About Creative Data Technologies, Inc.

Incorporated in 1998, Creative Data Technologies, Inc. was originally formed to market and sell a desktop program called the Ambulatory Data Entry Program. This desktop program was a custom solution that was sold to ambulatory surgical facilities around the state of Florida so they could accomplish their quarterly reporting to AHCA (the Agency for Health Care Administration). It was very well received by the facilities and quickly became the standard product to use for the AHCA reporting.

Current Products & Services:
In January 2005, Creative Data Technologies, Inc. replaced its legacy desktop application (Ambulatory Data Entry Program) with a centralized website called the DataVault. This gave the facilities a much more flexible solution, including allowing several employees to use it at the same time, location independence, no installation hassles, and use from any computer connected to the Internet.

In 2012, the DataVault™ System was expanded to include regulatory reporting for Surgery Centers in Texas to report their data to THCIC (Texas Dept. of Health).

The DataVault™ System was developed with expansion into other regulatory reporting areas in mind. We have been researching the possibility of offering some other data reporting to other state and federal agencies. If you know of an existing data reporting need that exists for which there is no good solution (or the solution is too expensive), please contact us.

During the course of our software development activities, we developed a database programming library to make it easier for our programmers to program in VB.NET and C#.NET for Client/Server, Web (ASP.NET), and 3-tier applications. Over time, it became rich with features and capabilities, so we decided to go ahead and package it up and sell it as a product called DbPipeline.NET.

Our Customers:
Our customers range from doctor’s offices and surgical facilities to state government agencies. The customers for our DbPipeline.NET™ product includes independent programmers, small I.T. development shops, and large companies looking for a way to simplify and standardize their database programming and decrease maintenance costs for complicated database applications.

Our Reputation:
From the beginning, we have had two core values that have resonated with our customer base, and provided us with “word of mouth” referrals among our customers:

  1. Provide quick friendly, and knowledgeable customer support.We hear over and over from our customers how much they appreciate our friendly attitude and willingness to take time to help. References are available upon request.
  2. Program Rock-Solid Solutions unmatched by our competition. One example of this is allowing 100% validity checks on our customer’s AHCA records before the data file is sent to AHCA. Data elements are checked on 3 levels: First, a field level check of the data element per the AHCA requirements (valid insurance code, for example). Second, a check within each record to make sure no conflicts within the record exist (like a visit date being before the patient’s date of birth), and third, a complete file level check to make sure no conflicts exist across all data records (i.e. same patient SSN, but different Sex or Race identified, etc). Our reputation in this area is that we have the most bullet proof, reliable edit checks available for the AHCA Reporting.

We are based in Tallahassee, Florida.