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An expandable web data reporting solution currently used by surgical facilities around the State of Florida to report their patient encounter information to the Agency for Health Care (AHCA), as required by law. The system can support a wide variety of import formats that are customizable. Click here for more detailed information.

A programmer’s library that greatly simplifies data access and updates for any VB.NET, ASP.NET, or C#.NET application. You will find a 75% reduction in the coding that you have to perform, as well as cleaner, simpler code to maintain, without any sacrifice in performance. Supports Microsoft SQL Server or any OLE-DB driver database. Click here for more detailed information.

Custom designed to meet the requirements of Texas THCIC ANSI 837 (Release 5010) Data Reporting per Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, §421.67(e) and (f). This web-portal solution is designed for Outpatient Reporting (Ambulatory Surgical Centers and free-standing Imaging Centers). Custom imports are available for many Practice Management Software Systems. If there is a way to export your data, we will find it! Click here for more detailed information

Available expertise in standard Microsoft technologies such as C#.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, and expertise in working with leading databases such as SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) using secure data transfer protocols (256-bit encrypted SSL/FTP, https, etc.). Click here for more detailed information.
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