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Professional Consulting Services

Offered through our affiliated sister company, Creative Consulting Co., we have more than 17 years of experience in the software consulting marketplace. The same hard working people behind the scenes as Creative Data Technologies, Inc., but there is a clean separation between the software development activities and the marketing and sales of our products and services. In fact, Creative Consulting Co. actually built the entire DataVault™ System for Creative Data Technologies, Inc.

We have software development expertise with many different technologies and databases. Here is a short list of areas in which we offer expert leadership, design, and hands on implementation:

  • Mature design process to take a project from ideas to reality in a documented, controlled manner that allows the customer input and control at every step.
  • Web or Desktop application development using Microsoft’s ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET in a classic Client/Server architecture, or a 3-tier architecture using .NET Remoting.
  • Databases: SQL Server 2000, DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Access.
  • Distributed large scale database applications using Frame Relay or ATM networks.
  • JavaScript to give your ASP.NET web applications that final degree of interaction with the user that makes our systems more usable and friendly.
  • SSL/FTP automation, for 256-bit encrypted file routing over public Internet channels with your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) partners.
  • Windows NT Service development using Microsoft.NET technologies.
  • SOAP/XML Services for automation of flexible, standards based, SSL encrypted data exchange over the Internet.
  • E-Commerce web application development (i.e. – shopping cart, credit card checkout, customer account management, etc).
  • Extensive business domain knowledge in the fields of Medical, Financial, Insurance, EDI, Workers’ Compensation, and back-office automation (automated data processing).

Legacy technologies: (supported, but not encouraged)

  • Visual Basic 6.0 using ADO for database powered applications.
  • ASP for dynamic legacy web applications using IIS.
  • PowerBuilder object-oriented development using PFC’s (foundation classes).
  • Custom DLL development using Visual C++ leveraging Win32 API routines for solving those tough problems that can not be solved using traditional languages available.

One of the consulting services that we perform quite often is the custom programming of software “bridges” to help our customers be able to import their patient encounter information from their central billing system into the DataVault™ each quarter for the AHCA reporting. We have experience working with many brands of patient billing systems, and we have a special discounted hourly rate for this work (because it encourages enrollment in our DataVault™ service).

To inquire about our software consulting services, simply call us at (850) 264-9065, or email us at